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Backward powerskate

The Backward Powerskate is a difficult element that consists of using alternate backward crossovers to the left and to right sides.

The principle is the same as it is in the backward crossover, but in the Powerskate it’s more complicated because of the abrupt change of the direction.

In the Backward Powerskate, you practice skills of quick switching from the Left Crossover to the Right Crossover, what allows you developing your response time, speed, and ability to do Backward Crossover in either direction.

To learn how to do the Backward Powerskate, at first you need to do the Backward Half-Swizzle which later turns into the small Backward criss-cross. Then you will be able to do the Backward Powerskate, but you need to add a small jump to the criss-cross, and a continuous alternate chain of L & R Backward Crossover to the entire combination.

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