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Moving backward

Backward walk

The Backward Walk is a basic step that allows a general understanding of the principles of backward movement. Actually, it is the Forward Walk but in reverse.

Choose a very smooth area, without any incline, for practicing the Backward Walk.

Your arms, higher than your waist, are stretched forward, and are bent at elbows. Your legs are bent at the knees.

You need to stand in the following position: your feet are at a sharp angle, put them toes to toes, your heels are pointing outwards. Your pushing leg is a bit ahead.

Starting the movement, slightly shift your weight to your toes, push off with your pushing leg, giving it a glide with the edge of the rollerblade. Meanwhile, lift your supporting leg. As you started the movement, put your other leg in front of your gliding leg and repeat everything with the other leg.

Your strides should be kept short, immediately put the leg you lifted in front of the gliding leg.

One more important thing: during the movement backwards, make sure you put stress on your toes.

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