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Forward movements

Forward walk

Forward Walk - It’s one of the simplest but most important movements.

So, you’ll understand how to behave in motion.

Forward Walk are based on balance and alternately pushing and gliding.

Take short steps, almost all the time leaning on both rollerblades. Start your movement from which ever leg is more convenient for you, stride alternately, your feet should be angled in such a way that your heel is pointing inwards and your toes outwards. Your steps forward should resemble the shape of a fir tree. To make your gliding easier, you should stand on the external edge of the rollerblade.

Move with your body slightly leaning forward. Your arms should be above your waist and slightly bent at elbows, your knees slightly bent. As you glide, straighten your supporting leg, let your left leg go by your raised right leg, not too high, then put it on the ground for the next step.

Forward walk Scooter move  
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