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Forward movements

Scooter move

It’s very important to master this movement, but it’s necessary to be able to do it with both of your legs. You need it if you want to move or even run forward at high speed.

Remember, it will be difficult to master (speed striding, run striding?) without the Scooter move.

So, the scooter move resembles a scooter rolling. Choose which leg will be pushing and which one will be supporting. The supporting leg should be ahead and bent at the knee; you need to lean on this leg while moving. The toes of the supporting leg should be straight and looking forward.

The pushing leg is behind the supporting leg and makes a stride, its foot is at a sharp angle against the supporting leg. Make a push from your supporting leg thereby creating a movement forward; while pushing, lean on the inner edge of the rollerblade. Then move your pushing leg back to the supporting leg and repeat the movement.

Forward walk Scooter move  
Swizzle Stride  

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