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Forward movements


Stride is a base of all styles of inline skating: fitness skating, speed skating, free skating, slalom and bla bla bla

You will surely have seen this way of moving forward when somebody, in the park for example, rollerbladed by you quickly, spectacularly, and confidently moving forward – that is the Stride.

Actually, the Stride is the Scooter move but done alternately with one leg and then with other one.

Your body should be slightly lent forward. Your supporting leg is bent at the knee; the other leg makes a push from your supporting leg, helping the supporting leg glide. The beginning of the movement is the same as it is in the Scooter move.

Then the supporting leg straightens, and the pushing leg passes by the supporting leg in the air and is put ahead for the beginning of another stride.

It’s important that the supporting leg should make the movement on the external edge of the rollerblade, and the pushing leg should make a push on the inner edge of the rollerblade.


At the beginning of the movement, while shifting your legs, don’t lift them too high and don’t step too wide.

Only when everything good with your balance, you can do strides longer.

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