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Forward movements


Swizzle is a movement forward that prepares you to perform more advanced rollerblading (turns, moving backwards and so on)

Also, during this movement, hip and buttock muscles are actively used. And that is another reason why it’s worth doing this movement.

When you do the Swizzle, your legs are making the outline of an hourglass.

Put your legs in line, heels inside and toes outside (your feet as if forming the letter V). Your body should be leaning forward, your legs slightly bent at your knees, your arms are a bit higher than your waist and slightly bent at the elbows. When starting your movement, move (as if gliding) your legs shoulder width apart (or a bit wider), tracing an expanding arc. Then start narrowing your legs, tracing a descending arc. When your feet have almost come together, take them back out on an expanding arc and then again into the descending arc, etc.

When you move your legs apart, tracing an expanding arc, you should bob down slightly. This will give force to your movements. Move your legs apart on the external edge of your rollerblades and do the narrowing on the inner edge.

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